fitness and fashion collage 2FITNESS:

Janell is an amazing trainer
I have worked with so many different people and never got attention to such detail, as she does.  To ensure each rep is doing what the intended purpose is.
This provides the greatest benefit.
She personally designs each workout so their is no repetition.

~ Larry Mann

Janell is knowledgeable and skilled, she motivates, educates and inspires. Each client is carefully evaluated and she creates a program that addresses their individual needs.
The family and friends I’ve recommended have not been disappointed and clearly Janell is terrific since I’ve been a client for several years.

~ Lyn Filipovic

Janell is an outstanding trainer. She knows her stuff and is constantly learning so that she can share new ideas and workouts with her clients. She is very receptive to hearing your goals and working with you on those, but also pushing you to keep improving. Her focus on good form will really help you get stronger and be better at lifting, even when she’s not around.

~Eric Hsu


Janell is awesome! She was very attentive and committed to bringing out MY personality in my wardrobe, not just what looks good. Being the shy guy that I am, Janell has certainly helped me feel more confident on dates and business settings alike. Highly recommend her services!

~Matt Szenda


Love Ms. Janell’s help, getting my life together. She starts of by asking questions, she wants to understand how I feel about my body, my clothes, and then straight to the closet she went, which gives her ideas about my fashion. Your body shape and structure is something she goes over so that you can understand what to stay away from and what works for you. She helped me organize my closet which made it easier to pick outfits for special events or work or both by adding or taking off an item. She lets you know what is hot, trendy, and age appropriate. She works with you from your head to toe.

~Lily A.

I’ve been using Janell’s services off and on for several years now and have never been disappointed. She is extremely knowledgeable in the field and has prepared me for numerous business outings and special events. I truly feel in good hands with her. I highly recommend using Janell’s services!

~Connor P.