If you sweat doing something that you love to do…you’re doing something right.idontrunilift


I strongly believe everyone needs a trainer…someone who eats, breathes and thinks fitness, and is dedicated to designing a program especially for you.  Everyone needs to nourish their bodies with proper nutrition and proper training.  Our bodies are sacred –
we only have one life, one body… so, let’s make sure we take care of ourselves!
My affinity for exercise science gets stronger with every new element I absorb.  A professional trainer ensures quality and consistency
by constantly educating themselves on the trends and science that is out there.  Learning about the human body and new advances in exercise science never stops.  It can be overwhelming learning all of these new things about Fitness, health and your body, so why not let a professional do it for you?!  Fitness Training, in my opinion, should be a part of a medical package.  The dedication and the never ending education it takes to be a well-educated trainer, far too often goes unnoticed.  I always see people in the gym having no idea what they are doing or why; they just mimic what they see without knowing functionality or proper form, or if that workout is even for you and it can be exacerbating another physical problem you may already have….why?!?!?  (YouTube has ruined our industry…please don’t try that stuff at home and without PROFESSIONAL supervision)

Many exercise physiologists study the effects of exercise on the pathology of disease.  Exercise Science has significantly impacted the
reduction and in some cases reversed disease progression.  Furthermore, exercise physiologists range from basic scientists, to clinical researchers, to clinicians, to sports trainers.  All who have a passion for science and how it relates to the human body.  Our job is to keep you healthy!  We want to avoid cultivating a dependency on medication when it is entirely avoidable!   The food and drug administration has no problem profiting from you, and setting you up with a “preferred customer membership,” for life.  But you can avoid that by getting healthy and staying active!


The benefits of strength training/weight training/lifting =

  • Increase bone density
  • Increase lean mass
  • Decrease fat mass
  • Stronger muscles
  • Improve metabolism
  • Reduce risk of disease
  • Improve range of motion