Initial Consultation – assessment: FREE

Personal Session: (one on one):

Training/Nutrition Advice/Assessments/Programming/Progressions                                                  60min                                    $95/hr

Training/Programming                                                                                                   60min                                    $85/hr

Basic Training                                                                                                                                   60min                                    $75/hr

Available in packages



Partner Sessions:

(progressions/technique/post stretch)

60min      $48/person


Small Group:    I Will not take more than 5 (I want to still be able to watch form, technique and measure progressions)

60min             $38/person





Closet clean & organize:                                $100

Personal Shopper:                                             $40/hr + 15% of Bill

Vintage/Specialty  Shopper:                                Depends on  extensivity of search