Fitness ANNND Fashion? How do those two relate?

They actually do, indeed!  Even when it comes down to criteria, it is very similar.

  • Form
  • Technique
  • Fit and structure
  • Goals and body type

I analyze the human physique.  I admire structure and art.  I enhance both.

If you feel and look good in your clothes, you will exude confidence. There is a definite correlation with success and people that are active and are dressed well.  Although, there is a clear connection it may not be easy to get there. That is where I come in! I appreciate the time and effort this process takes and acknowledge that it is a way of life.  Being aware of your presentation instills conscious living, shapes character and cultivates discipline.  All which will contribute to higher energy and a more successful career.

With all honesty, I admit that vanity drives my Fitness routine, but I celebrate how it contributes to my overall health, as well. Fashion is a passion of mine because I believe Fashion is a representation of who you really are inside.  Your Fashion should compliment who YOU are and the image you create.  Fashion is Art, with a science behind it and Fitness is a Science, but there an art to it – luckily, I specialize in both!

The most successful people I know are active, healthy and are confident with their appearance everyday.  This lifestyle is not a luxury… it’s a choice.


Look and feel better in your clothes and …without.