“My name is Janell Elise Arroyo!  You can find me training, lifting, dancing or shopping.  Beyond being a Fitness expert, I have a background in Wardrobe Consulting.

I am a certified Strength and Wellness Coach with a Certification as a Fashion Stylist.  I want to see my clients transition into a healthy happy lifestyle.  I have the honor of studying your lifestyle, habits and personality so we are able to do a full transition from inside out!

~ Janell Elise was born and raised in Chicago IL.  She was very active in sports and dance throughout her life.  She taught kids fitness for over 10 years and later transitioned into being a fitness coach for adults. Her knowledge ranges from muscle correctionals and weight loss to core strength, flexibility training, strength and conditioning to athletic performance. She now is the Yoda of fitness because of her dedication to studying movement science, physiology and kinesiology.

With this background, she decided to go even a step further then just a fitness coach and had a different approach to her craft. Janell Elise has a strong admiration to the human physique and how certain types of clothing, patterns and colors compliment it. Especially as a body transitions into a healthy and happy lifestyle.  Being a dancer, started her appreciation towards garments and the story of fashion. Her first hand familiarity on the road to being a “grown-up” set a strong platform for her distinct work environments.  She advises on what compliments body shape and personal style while cultivating healthy living. ~

”After we get you feeling good and functioning well, we attack that closet and give your personality a touch up too!”


Janell E. Arroyo

BS: Management and Marketing

National Academy of Sports and Medicine: CPT Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Functional Strength Coach: CFSC

Fashion Stylist Institute: CFS Certified Fashion Stylist

Athlete, Dancer, Group Fitness Instructor, Youth Fitness Instructor, Stylist, Personal Shopper

Kettle Bell RKC guru, Flexibility and Strength training enthusiast, Fashion Junkie, Styling Queen, Gym Rat, Passion for Power and Olympic Lifting, Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel obsesser, with a strong calling for enhancing the quality of life for other people.



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