My first love of fitness was being the first person to introduce little babes into a healthy, active lifestyle.  My job was to establish a foundation of “play time.” A long list of fitness activities that would transfer into adulthood. It is now part of my job to instill the same passion that I have for children’s fitness to my clients who have children. I’m proud to say that 100% of my clients who have children, have them actively enrolled in some form of physical activity. Letting your children see that you delegate a time for physical activity, furthers the growth of this crucial component of life.

It gets me excited when I hear clients talk about their child’s interest in their exercise programs.  Robin, a client of mine for 3 years (CFO, mom, wife, triathlete), said “When I get home, my kids ask me how my workout was and I’ll excitedly tell them what I did. If I hit a PR (personal record), they’re proud of me and it gets them excited to try things.” Each client I have, ranging from all levels of athletics, had a sport they played in growing up. This lifestyle of sports and athletics was engrained in them at a young age. I’m fortunate that my clients have had this experience because they know the importance of exercise to their health. As a fitness professional, I worry that the children of the iPad generation will not get the necessary “play time” they need to make it habitual.

Between the ages of 2-19yrs old, 1 in 3 children in the United States are overweight or obese, putting them at risk for serious health problems (alliance for a healthier generation). From a health & wellness expert, overweight or obesity affects every way of your life. It’s too unfortunate people start paying attention to their health or physical activity when a serious health issue has prompted a threat. Instead let’s prevent that…starting at a young age and making it a way of life, for the rest of your life. No single food or food component can protect you against cancer by itself, but strong evidence shows that eating a variety of plant foods—vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes like beans—helps lower your risk for many cancers. That’s because many individual minerals, vitamins and micronutrients called phytochemicals demonstrate anti-cancer effects in lab studies. Findings suggest that the synergy of compounds working together gives you the strongest cancer protection. ~ The American Institute for Cancer Research. Fresh food and physical activity! It really is as simple as it sounds, people just make it complicated. Thing is, this whole concept isn’t new; it’s been going on for a while. So grab the crock pot, chop up some veggies, grab the kids and go play outside!

Conscious living
tends to be a collection of individuals who are active and are more particular of what they put in their bodies. It is a full circle with endless benefits. At least 3-4 days of physical activity, fresh greens and lean protein and you are there, so are your kiddos. You know the little people YOU created, that YOU are responsible for. Live healthy, live happy….live strong!