I went crazy town trying to find the top I wanted to wear with my tapered royal blue and silver pants. I was looking for a silk short corset bustier top with a drawstring, in white. I know pretty specific, but hey when you gotta vision….you gotta a vision. I looked everywhere!!! I mean short tops/bustier tops are in. They go with all the high waist stuff…I get it. I wanted something a tid bit elegant. So where do I go?????? Taboo Taboo. That’s right! You got it! Taboo Taboo is located lakeview/Wrigleyville/Boytown area. This part of the city catered to all my fashion phases growing up. From my punk to my hip hop phases (geeze). And I still find myself going back for specialty items like my fancy bustier top. Taboo Taboo is now inside the Alley store. It specializes in sexy lingerie, corsets, fantasy costumes, erotic toys, boudoir clothing and shoes….perfect place right….I know!!!


I go find this top put it on and a staff member came to my dressing room, chuckled and said this is a waist trainer, but hey if it fits you as a top…I’d say go for it! So I did and it worked hahaha. I am so thankful my boyfriend bit his    lip and stuffed me in this top the day of the party. Although he had a fashion malfunction all on his own. (Men Fashion Quick Fix) Because guys really DO NOT prepare like girls, his pants were way too long. For a quick fix I cut the bottom of his pants and used iron on fabric fusion glue. Then put little safety pins and hopped the no one noticed the shiny metal.


So there you go…

Pants: Tops Shop, I don’t like empty belt loops so I put a light white tulle ribbon and tied a bow.

Top: Taboo Taboo.

Shoes: Micheal Antonio

(please ignore the powder blue nail polish…I left all decision making to the nail techs:/ wasn’t my best)

Earrings: Vera wang