•        Bent over Row

Common mistakes:

Neutral spine deactivated

Head looking up

No scapular squeeze


Butt back (my cue…booty out like a stripper 🙂

Chest open, shoulders behind ears, tummy tight

HINGE (most important part), staple too many exercises, 3 of which are on this list.

These three things create a neutral spine



  •  Deadlift (figure out with one you’re doing: Romanian, Straight leg, regular, sumo, trap grip)

Common Mistakes:

Neutral spine deactivated

Head looking up

Back is not engaged


More of a squat, less of a hinge (understand the difference)

Hips protrude too far forward


Butt Back, start with hips same height as shoulders

Lats, scapulae and back engaged, Tummy tight

Hinge, on the way down slow count.

These three create a neutral spine

Tummy is tight and booty squeeze….working as a cohesive unit.

Do not let hips protrude too far forward that is too much stress on your lower lumber spine


  • Push ups 

Common Mistakes:

Elbows out (too much stress on shoulders)

Head droops

Head hyper extended

Middle droops



Elbows should be behind your shoulders (40 degrees)

Head should be even with your spine

If your middle is drooping, regress the pushup by…

Push up on an elevated surface and working your way down is your new goal

Push up from your knees

If you got the strength but can’t activate a consistent pushup, start from the bottom and push your way to the top. Work on slowly coming down.


  • Squat

Common Mistakes:

On your toes

Legs too wide

Dip upper body too far forward


Lead with knees

Back not engaged


Drive through your heels

You want to push your knees out (with slight tension against air) not open willy nillyJ

Tighten belly lean upper body back a little sink in between hips

Lead with your hips push knees out

Tighten you shoulder blades


  •  Kettle Bell Swing

  • Common Mistakes:
    People make it an arm exercise.People make it a squat exercise.Open legs wideRaise the kettle bell too high.

     People make it an arm exercise.People make it a squat exercise.

    Open legs wide

    Raise the kettle bell too high.


It’s not an arm exercise or a squat exercise.

If you do not know how to activate your neutral spine or hip hinge, this is not the exercise for you.

Needs to stay tight and above knees.

When you swing it should not go higher than your stomach.







What your band hips throw out there you need to push back in between your legs.

Think of teetor toter movements.