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Have fun getting your sweat on with your girlfriends



What is it?

Host a fun workout with your girlfriends from the comfort of your own home. Treat yourselves to a post nourishing breakfast and learn tips for healthy living.


How much is it?

$100 for up to 5people. $10 for each additional person.







Host your own Beastmode Beauty for Breakfast!!™


Give your girlies an energetic start to their week! Host a Beastmode Beauty for Breakfast.™ Janell Elise will lead your group through a morning stretch, warm up and a high energy work out (55min)! I will help you decide what post workout heathy snacks to provide your guests.


Janell Elise

Beastmode Beauty for Breakfast ™
Chicago land area.
Beastmode Beauty for Breakfast
~Look like a Beauty Train like a Beast~



Work-out party!


Promote a healthy, fit lifestyle

I am dedicated to making women understand how important it is to strength train. As women our bodies go through so many things, so many changes. We have to strengthen our bodies from within.

Learn something new

Learn some new workouts, and terminology. Find out if your technique is right or wrong. If you have some muscle compensations.

Your workout is only as good as the food you consume after.

I will provide the host with suggestions on what to serve her guests for post workout meals. I will help you figure out how to implement healthy meals for a healthy lifestyle.


The Benefits of Strength Training are abundant. Having fun with your girlfriends in a fun, energetic, healthy environment makes everything better.

We motivate and encourage each other on our journey to enhancing the quality of life.

“Janell keeps the workouts fun and fresh!”

Janell Elise


Janell Elise started working since she was fifteen years old and worked in a unique blend of different work environments. She received her BS in Management & Marketing. She continued into fortune 500 companies, while also having her foot in various projects and organizations. She still was not satisfied.

Janell Elise is definitely a product of her environment! With the play hard, work hard and look pretty doing it mentality. She decided to go a step further in just image consulting and had a different
approach to her craft.



She studied kinesiology and physiology eventually leading up to getting certified as a personal trainer.

Janell Elise has a strong admiration to the human physique and how certain types of clothing, patterns and colors compliment it. Being a dancer, started her appreciation towards garments and her story of fashion. Her first hand familiarity on the road to being a “grown-up” set a strong platform for her distinct work environments.  She advises on what compliments body shape and personal style while cultivating healthy living.


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