Project bAss:

I recently produced a music video!  And it was a great experience!!!

The idea of doing this fun fitness video came from countless conversations I’ve had with people that just didn’t care about taking care of their body. Investing in their health was not a priority. I found myself trying to persuade them that fitness and health is a big deal, and should be number one!Screenshot (41)

Being an athlete since a very young age led me into the direction of teaching kids fitness for 10years and counting.  A few years ago I went into the direction of teaching adults…much….very different. Kids are active and love to burn energy and soak up every bit of information you give them. Adults…umm not so much. Trying to get adults to understand the importance of strength training, how this is your lifestyle now, fitness is a journey FOREVER…is exhausting. You can’t just jog…you have to STRENGTHEN your body. You can’t sometimes eat well, you always have to nourish your body, and save indulging for good times.

I want people to know the benefits of strength training such as:

Increase in bone density

Increase in lean muscle mass

Decrease in fat mass

Improves metabolism

Reduces Risk of Disease

Improves Range of Motion

Stronger muscles

Increase in energy and work production

Better sleep at night


Especially WOMEN! Going on a cardio machine and doing abs, is not strength training. Women need more strength training than anything, especially because of all the Sh** our bodies go through.Screenshot (42)

Investing in a trainer or a fitness coach is the best thing you can do for yourself. Trainers/Fitness Coaches are in the business of changing lives for a reason. We’re helping you survive! Helping you get through that day of work, helping you have energy to play with your kids and helping you prevent injury and disease.

I am very honored to have some amazing colleagues. We help each other, pick each other’s brains, workout with each other, take classes together and exchange current information we just read or researched. There’s always new research on exercise science/kinesiology/physiology/nutrition. People that blindly go into the gym and think they know what they’re doing…boggles my mind, because you DON’T know what you’re doing. If PrOfeSSiOnaLs are constantly educating themselves, what in the world makes you think you know what you’re doing????

I often find myself looking around and admiring some of my colleagues. Especially FITNESS GIRLS that are BEASTS in the gym. There is a handful of girls that inspire me to be a better trainer, to work harder on myself and I admire their training philosophies and specialties. When I heard the song “I’m all about that bAss” I immediately correlated that to some good hard beastly training. Then the wheels in my brain started spinning rapidly. I thought we should do a parody/spin off to this video. If you hear the words in the song…she talks about curves and her bOOty- bAss. How she loves her curves. Well…Fitness Girls love their curves too. We’re not skinny either (someone told me I’m not skinny for a trainer….I said I think you’re trying to insult me….but I take that as a compliment because I don’t want to be skinny….I want to be STRONG…both inside and out) we’re strong and we work hard for it. We want to make sure we take care of our curves and not let gravity take them:) while motivating others to do the same.

After listening to the song about a 100times, I decided I wanted to do a fitness video of some fitness girls doing some of the things we love to do. So I thought of all the girls I would approach. I called my videographer and pitched the idea….he loved it. Then I called my choreographer… she loved it. I called one of my fitness girls…to make sure I wasn’t crazy…she loved it. Then I gathered my troops of BEASTLY BEAUTIES….and boom!

After all if you’re an athlete, your bAss is where your performance comes from.  So I now present you with just a little taste of some  Fitness Girls having fun in their playground…