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Guys actually do want to dress nice.  I always thought that maybe just some guys really do care about fashion.  Over the last few months I’ve had quite a few guys confide in me about their fashion preferences.  They’ve admitted they want to dress nice, they want to have a sharp wardrobe. 1 The way some of them describe some of their statement pieces…I was beside myself for a second and shhhawinnng…BO-NER!!  But there is one underlining problem that all men, no matter shape or size…when it comes to dressing up, nothing ever fits them right.  They eventually end up giving up, and a lasting negative imprint stays with them when it comes to shopping, so then they’re like…nah:/


As women we have tons of choices.  There is petite to juniors to plus size, even down to accessories…yes lots of options, but for men not so much.  Men are hitting the gym harder these days.  Chest, shoulders biceps, backs are getting bigger…waist smaller.  8acd69e05b821f6d0a08eab2bd8237bb

When all my male lifters are telling me: If I get a shirt to fit my chest and shoulders then it’s big in the middle.  If I get it to be snug on my middle I can’t fit it around my arms.  Then legs:  If it fits my waist I can’t even move my legs or it fits my legs but this waist is huge.  One of my guy friends, who has a sick back and is ripped tells me “Janell find me button ups for gorilla beasts that are short.”  I sat with tons of men in the industry from lean muscles, to body built, to athletes and they were all very passionate about wanting to look good and really caring about what they put on their body, and coordination, but nothing fits them right and they are frustrated. 

I just want to say Fashionistos…I hear you!!!  I don’t know why male designers think the male body is skinny lengthy guys…negative!  You want to get ripped with clothes that fit!! I will do my damndest to find such a thing.  I have found local designers with some custom made shirts for $100 and up, sucks that it has to be that way.  If you find a sweet deal please advise!